Set up and grow your business
in the best possible conditions

The Les Papeteries – Image Factory incubator gives priority access to companies working in the creative industries linked to animation, multimedia production, video games, editing, comic books, software, info-graphics, post-production, media, networks, services (law, training); or more generally, companies involved in content production.

13 to 30 m² offices available.

Enjoy access to the meeting room and the cafeteria.

Incubators are solutions for hosting entrepreneurs and start-ups throughout a transitional period of up to two years while keeping costs down.

A number of services are available to you in each incubator :

  • Accommodation and flexible work spaces
  • Shared services and facilities
  • Advice, mentoring and support for production and development.
  • A programme of workshops and training courses
  • Connections to networks of experts and company directors
  • Sharing experience and synergies with resident company directors

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