A history and a future

From industrial legend
to the renaissance.

A paragon of industrial architecture, the old paper machine halls at Cran-Gevrier represent a link between the history of paper and our digital future. The monumental gable - a reminder of a prosperous past which has included several economic revolutions - is the centrepiece of a vast building.

The new, semi-translucent side-façades refract and play with colour and light.
Eager to generate new images, Les Papeteries - Image Factory is opening a gateway to the economy of the future.

Our project:
bringing together connected minds.

In Haute-Savoie, the creative industries already comprise a plethora of talented individuals and almost three hundred companies!

Les Papeteries – Image Factory will quickly bring together two to three hundred players in the sector. These are managers, creatives, students, technicians, or all of the above. Whether they belong to a large international team or are starting up on their own, whether they are a leader in their area or are starting a training course at the GOBELINS school of images...

They have this in common: they believe in sharing knowledge and resources as an essential condition for creativity and professional development. Minds connect at Les Papeteries.